Why PrimeIRB?

One Simple Question

Everybody says they’re good.  Everybody says they’re unparalleled.  Everybody says they want to be your partner.  But you know what? At PrimeIRB, we really mean it.   

PrimeIRB is fully accredited by the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs (AAHRPP).  We would not have gotten AAHRPP’s seal of approval if we weren’t good.

Our Board has some of the pioneers and architects that have crafted the modern field of human research protection as well as recognized experts in their respective specialties. Our staff has over half a century of collective experience advancing ethical research and protecting human subjects.  That level of collective experience is going to be hard to find.

Regardless if you’re a CRO/Sponsor who needs to have ethical, efficient review services, an Investigator who has a question, an Institution who wants to develop some synergy in their IRB operations, or a study participant who needs an advocate, we want to be your partner in finding a solution.  

But why work with us?  Because every day, each of us at PrimeIRB approach everything with just one simple question: 

“How can we help?”